Who Can Receive Benefits From This Holistic Health Practice?

Acupressure can benefit nearly anyone. By bringing the meridians into balance, all the organs, tissues and fluids in the body are also brought into a state of harmony and balance. In my Holistic practice, I use techniques that calm the body of its tensions, which alters the brain waves to a state in which a person is relaxed and breathing calmly and evenly. Most of my clients remain in this state of altered awareness, or may even fall asleep. In this state, it is much easier for their bodies to let go of accumulated tensions, softening all the muscles and allowing the various systems of their bodies to flow into more normalized channels.

I have had clients come to me with problems of hormonal imbalance ( irregular menstrual periods, painful periods, missed periods, and PeriMenopausal and Menopausal issues), back, neck, or shoulder pain or tension, pain in legs, arms, or hands, headaches, anxiety issues, diabetes, cancer, and insomnia, who have all shown some improvement and gained benefit from the work.

Hormone Imbalance: By helping to balance the Meridians I have often been able to help regularize menstrual periods, lessen PMS or menstrual pain, help regularize periods and help with accompanying issues of fatigue, bloating or anxiety

Pain: By releasing the held tension along the path of the twelve meridians, the body can relax and let go of some of the pain on back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms, or hands. Even the head feels better when shoulder and neck tensions are released!

Headaches: By utilizing a special flow of held acupressure points that releases bands of tension along several specific meridians, I have had success relieving many tension, pressure and even migraine headaches

Anxiety: As the body relaxes and tension is released from the muscles, lactic acid and other chemicals are also released. Removing them from the muscles, organs and tissues frequently alters both the mood and frame of mind of many clients in a positive direction.

Diabetes: I have found that balancing and harmonizing the Meridians and calming down the body frequently helps to lower blood pressure and balance blood sugar levels. I also have an herbal tea available that has seemed to further help several of my clients with diabetes to keep blood pressure down, and manage blood sugar levels. There have been several other positive effects with vision and numbness in feet.

Cancer: I have treated clients with prostate, pancreatic and other systemic cancers. Through laboratory testing, it was confirmed by the lab results of several of these clients that acupressure treatments helped lower the measured cretinine (toxicity that the liver and kidneys in the body must process) levels. Besides helping to process toxicity from Chemotherapy or other cancer drugs, acupressure treatments also helped these clients with their anxiety and tension living through a stressful period in their lives,which helped their bodies in their own natural processes of healing.

Body Toxicity or Stress: Stresses in daily 21st Century life, as well as viruses, bacteria and pharmaceutical medications all generate different amounts of toxicity which our bodies must process. Acupressure can help process and release some of this toxcity, allowing your own natural bodily processes to normalize and flow into more balanced channels.

Insomnia: By balancing Meridians and relieving much of the bodies stress, on organs and tissues, Acpressure can help your whole body come into more of a state of alignment where sleep is easier to achieve. i also have several herbal tea preparations that seem to help clients fall asleep and go back to sleep more easily when they awake.



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