Drop In Tai Chi

Rosiland’s teaching is available for groups as instruction in “Tai Chi Movement” and “Chi Exercises”, self-contained classes that allow for “drop-in” instruction on a one time, irregular time or some time basis.
Each class is self-contained. Tai Chi moves are taught in series of three or four to music.

Students unable to attend a regular six week sequential Tai Chi class because of time commitments, financial constraints, or sequential learning difficulty are not at a disadvantage, since each class exists as a self-contained unit

1. The Start

We will start out with weighted sand ball, working with that to establish:
Even Flowing Movements
Movements parallel to the floor
Keeping arms from overextending
Maintenance of a figure-eight movement without hyperextension
Moving around a Constant Axis.

2. Chi Movement

We will then take what we’ve learned with the sand ball and apply it to tai Chi movement:
Maintaining Balance and Symmetry
Tai Chi Walk
Horse Stance

3. Stretch with a Partner

We will learn to move/stretch with a partner:
Mirror Exercises
Paired Stretching
Paired Ball Exercises

4. The Practice

Selected Tai Chi Moves. Learn first, and then in repetitions of ten to music

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