Chi Flow Overview

“Chi” is a term used in Chinese Medicine, Meditation, Philosophy, Martial Arts and other Healing Techniques to describe the Vital Force or Life Energy that exists in a Human being’s body. Whether it is Acupressure, Reiki, Tai Chi or Chi Gung, the term always refers to this same flow of Energy in the Body .

The best way to maintain the highest levels of Chi (i.e. “Optimizing Chi”)- include preventive maintenance with Energy balancing techniques of Breathwork, meditation, Tai Chi and Chi Gung (both forms of moving meditation) as well as fairly regular sessions of acupressure or with another Chi Balancing health practitioner who maintains balance and keep channels/meridians open and free flowing.

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Releasing Blocked Chi

Acupressure points are spots where the Chi comes to the surface of the body. Stimulating these points, particularly in conjunction with other points along the same Meridian, releases the flow or current, similar to the flow of electricity, or water in a stream, so the Chi once more flows freely along, the channels; This “release” of Chi on a blocked channel can frequently be felt as a pulsing wave, or, at least, as a letting go of tension along those points, or even somewhere else in the body.

Understanding Chi

To understand the concept of Chi a little better, there is a good visualizing technique: Imagine you are a fire hydrant, and your arms are each a hose connected to the plugs in the hydrant. Picture water gushing out from the earth, up through your feet, through your body and up your arms, and out of your finger tips. The more you can actually FEEL the flow of the water, the more you can visualize the flow of Chi.

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