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Rosiland Solomon began her studies in Life Energies of the physical and subtle bodies and its manipulation in one form or another in 1972, when she first studied Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan in San Francisco. Rosiland studied Tai Chi Short Form, Sword, and Push Hands for three years with Winslow Rouse, (who was a student of Choy Kam Man), before becoming his teaching assistant, and instructing with him in the Bay Area over the next three years. Rosiland continued teaching private students Tai Chi over the next two decades. In 1984, she furthured her Energy studies with a series of Empowerments in the Sirius Energy System (similar to Reiki) from Alan Duerrstein, a spiritual acupuncturist, in Los Angeles.

Rosiland began her private Energy Healing Practice in 1987. In 2000-2001, she studied Jin Shin Do with Ruth Scolnick, which was first developed by Iona Teegarden in the 70's (Ruth was one of her first students). Rosiland obtained her CMT, specializing in Acupressure. She has also taken classes in CranioSacral Work with the Upledger Institute.

Rosiland has also studied other systems of Energy Movement practices. These include Yoga, Hatha and Flow, and Contact Improvisation, a freestyle Dance Form in which two people move together using one point of contact and consistant pressure to move around each other on a fulcrum.

At this time Rosiland combines her more formal studies with decades of personal research into The Human Energy Field, using different forms of Moving Meditation to harness and direct the Energies available to each human. Tai Chi, Chi Dancing, Chi Gung, Yoga, and Freestyle dance are all ways she explores of balancing and working with Chi in your own system, while Acupressure, CranioSacral Work, Chi Partner Exercises and Contact Improvisation work with two or more people.

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Rosiland compliments her Energy/healing studies with studies on Nutrition and healthful eating, Supplements, and Techniques for enabling smooth Midlife transitions to complete her holistic practice.

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