FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Do you use needles in Acupressure?”

A: No, I only use my fingers and hands.

Q: “Does Acupressure hurt”?

A: You might feel a little uncomfortable pressure for a minute, but it stops quickly as soon as the blocked Energy disperses. Usually, it just feels really great.

Q: “How often do I need to see you?”

A: It really depends on you, how chronic the problem is, what you do in your life to make changes. Generally, I start seeing someone once every two weeks, cut back to once a month as symptoms disappear, and then to a “call as needed” basis.

Q: “Can I tell any difference right away?”

A: Generally, yes. Usually you will feel better after one session. Sometimes more dramatically so than others.

Q: “How Much does it cost?”

A: I work on a sliding scale, which is dependant on location. Usually I charge less if I am seeing you at a Group Center. Call me for specifics.