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Mid Life Seminar

Midlife can be a time of growth, learning, flexibility, fun and freedom. Therapeutic bodywork, habit and life stress analysis, Chi enhancing exercises and nutritional framework are offered as a toolbox for manifestation of these positive goals.

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Drop In Tai Chi

Rosiland’s teaching is available for groups as instruction in “Tai Chi Movement” and “Chi Exercises”, self-contained classes that allow for “drop-in” instruction on a one time, irregular time or some time basis.
Each class is self-contained. Tai Chi moves are taught in series of three or four to music.

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Chi Flow

“Chi” is a term used in Chinese Medicine, Meditation, Philosophy, Martial Arts and other Healing Techniques to describe the Vital Force or Life Energy that exists in a Human being’s body. Whether it is Acupressure, Reiki, Tai Chi or Chi Gung, the term always refers to this same flow of Energy in the Body.

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