Commonsense Counseling

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Commonsense Counseling consists of analyzing all your daily routines and habits to identify the sources of stress in your life. These routines include:

  • Sitting, walking and sleeping stations - Looking at your habits in sitting or working at the computer or driving; how you walk and what you carry; your bed, pillow and mattress, even the kinds of shoes you wear…all are potential situations for stress
  • Nutrition, drugs, supplements - Are you getting and absorbing the nutrition you need? Do you know the difference between food and nourishment? Do the foods you eat stress you? Which ones and how? Do you take supplements, and if so, are the adequate for your needs? Would personalized formulas for herbal teas benefit you?
  • Time Management - Do you never seem to have the time to take care of the “should” needs: proper rest, exercise and advancement towards your goals?
  • Exercise - Do you enjoy exercising, or always put it off? Are you always tired?
    Is exercise (or not) a cause of anxiety for you? Can you find a form of exercise you actually enjoy and look forward to?
  • Bargaining with yourself - Do you find yourself promising yourself a cookie/beer/cigarette if you’ll only accomplish certain goals/tasks? Are there other healthier rewards you can learn to substitute?