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The Illustration Website is divided into main categories of illustration that Rosiland has created in the last 25 years: Nature and Science, Food and Plants, Graphic Design, Black & White Art, Portraits, Children’s Art, and Intuitive Art

Rosiland's Clients & Products

Rosiland's Clients and Products will take you to the websites of the recent products created for her clients; these include fabric designers, puzzle, game, and toy manufacturers, book authors, and others products.



Art Licensing Website

Art Licensing includes all art contained on the illustration website in its entirety, or as pieces of art removed from paintings. Additonal Series sets may also be viewed at her licensing representative’s site Porterfields Fine Art.

Graphic Design Website

Graphic Design showcases examples of Rosiland’s printed commercial design for logos and branding, business cards, brochures, postcards, book, flyers, covers, banners, weddings & ceremonies, puzzles and games.


Seascape Sculptures

Sea Gardens are sculpted visions of Beach Bounty from the sea. These sculptures are created from natural plant fibers, drift wood, shells, feathers and other organic matter found on the beach and woven into l wall hangings.

About Rosiland talks about her 25-year career as an illustrator, throughout which she has been painting her mixed-media illustrations for advertising packaging, magazines, books, children’s books, games, puzzles, greeting cards, textbooks, and even an astrology calendar and tarot deck.

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