Rosiland's interest and study of Energy Systems, from Tai Chi or Yoga in the East to Magick, Qabalah and Esoterica in the West, give her a knowledge of human symbols and archtypes deeply embedded in human consciousness. Below you will find her astrology illustration, originally published in Jim Maynard's Celestial Influences Calendars in both 1992 and 2005, as well as her Fine Art Paintings and Joy of Relationship Cards, published in 1994. Also,a set of astrology published in Germany in 2010.

Rosiland Solomon designed and illustrated The Joy of Relationship Cards with John Grey and Bonney Meyer in 1994.


Using her knowledge of world mystical symbols, deities and archtypes painted with the same rules of symmetry she intuitively learned from studying Nature,(Golden Mean)Rosiland has invested her artwork with similar  intuitive  and emotional triggers that can be manipulated for therapeutic effects.

In 1998, Rosiland worked closely with a husband and wife therapy team to produce and develop The Joy of Relationship Cards, for use by individuals, couples or therapists in Couples counseling. Studying Tibetan Thangka art to develop a pictorial lexicon, Rosiland produced paintings with a consistent non-verbal "vocabulary" effective for use in various treatment modalities. This Deck contains images designed to  facilitate therapeutic discussions between partners with or without a  therapist's assistance. It has also proved an effective  non-verbal tool for the learning of emotional concepts by clients of other therapists with verbal or emotional limitations.